Our mission is to maintain Bonnier Books’ position as a publishing house at the forefront of what the future of storytelling has to offer.

Nova works within Bonnier Books to help enable and facilitate innovation in all areas, from strategy and business development to operational processes.

What we do

Facilitating innovation

The book industry is sometimes described as slow-moving and stuck in traditions, but we believe there is room for change. We facilitate innovation processes by bringing cross-functional teams together, with the goal of making innovation tools accessible for all and the solutions integrated into the core businesses.

Design thinking

To solve a problem, you need to design a solution. We educate leadership, teams and ambassadors within Bonnier Books in the Design Thinking approach and methodology, giving them the knowledge and tools they need to bring the innovation processes closer to home.

Idea & concept development

Sometimes ideas need a little extra love to grow. With an experienced team of business developers, technical expertise, creatives and facilitators, Nova lends a helping hand when developing ideas and concepts within Bonnier Books.

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