Bonnier Books Nova

Bonnier Books Nova

Creating, curating and distributing the next generation of stories


Envisioning the future of books

Bonnier Books Nova is a division of Bonnier Books tasked to find new opportunities for books and storytelling with the help of digital and technical innovation. Headquartered in Stockholm, the home of media conglomerate Bonnier and an incubator for cutting-edge tech, we aim to explore the future of storytelling.

There are an infinite number of stories out there, and an infinite number of ways to tell them. Through our products, we want to meet the human need to create, share and engage with stories and content. Our current products include Type & Tell, a self-publishing services provider, and Brillbee, an online learning platform.


Get in touch

Interested in helping us explore and build the future of storytelling, or want to pitch an idea of how to make it happen? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!


What we do

product development

We don't just talk – we also do. With a diverse team of developers, strategists, marketers and analysts, we develop products with a focus on the human need for stories, from understanding the problem to testing and iterating on our solutions. 

facilitating innovation

The book industry is sometimes described as a slow-moving beast, but we believe there is room for change. We work within Bonnier Books to facilitate processes, bring teams together, develop ideas into products and find cross-collaborations within the company.


We don't think we know everything – there is a world out there of exciting new tech, products reaching new audiences, and ideas that need a little love to grow. If you have an idea you want to see realised, get in touch with us.