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Type & Tell – Self-Publishing MADE EASY

Launched in 2015, Type & Tell is now one of Sweden's leading self-publishing services providers, taking aspiring authors, entrepreneurs and businesses from an idea to a finished book. With an unique online book editor, easy distribution and sales reporting, and a wide range of services – including design, marketing, project management and editorial – Type & Tell has built a brand and a team that knows the value of quality.

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Brillbee – online learning for a brilliant every day

Brillbee is the latest product developed within Bonnier Books Nova, launched in May 2017 and offering users an accessible way of learning skills that improve their everyday life. With unique ties to the leading experts and profiles in fields ranging from family and relationships to creativity and health, Brillbee re-packages content from successfully published books as well as produces new content, making it into an intuitive and engaging learning experience.


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