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About Bonnier Books Nova

Our story

Once upon a time in the far away kingdom of Sweden, there was a queen living in a castle full of books. Well, that’s not really how our story starts, but with a little imagination, it’s not far off.

Bonnier Books Nova was born in the same building that has housed Bonnierförlagen, the biggest publishing house in Sweden, for nearly a hundred years. After having successfully built and launched Type & Tell within Bonnierförlagen, CEO Rebecka Leffler set out on a mission: to build an organisation that can continue exploring what the future of stories looks like. When the clock struck midnight as 2016 turned into 2017, Bonnier Books Nova was born.

Bonnier Books Nova is part product development organisation, part process facilitator. With extensive knowledge of the book industry, a wide range of tech talent and business-driven innovation being the driving force in everything we do, we think we can make a difference to the way people create, consume and share stories.


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We're always interested to meet like-minded enthusiasts with a passion for future opportunities in the book industry. Whether you're running your own startup company, looking for new challenges within tech or have an idea for something you want to see on the market – we want to hear from you!


Meet the team



Rebecka Leffler

Having been the Publishing Director for Månpocket and Bonnier Pocket, the two biggest paper-back publishers in Sweden, Rebecka has more than ten years of experience of publishing, sales, marketing, communication and business development within Bonnier Books. She's now the head of Bonnier Books Nova, with an eye open for the next big thing in the book industry.



Helene Sjöblom

Helene started as a Business Controller at Bonnierförlagen in 2011. Now, six years later, she has moved on to Bonnier Books and works with several business units within the group. Besides business controlling of Bonnier Books Nova, she’s working with business development and investments in new business and startups.



Hanna Säll Everö

Starting as the marketing coordinator for Type & Tell in 2015, Hanna moved on to project managing as the product and the team grew bigger. She's now part of the concept evaluation of interesting prospects and initiatives, manages the identity and branding for Bonnier Books Nova, and facilitates workshops, meetings and innovation processes within our teams and with our partners.